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Media Services Ltd. prepares Japanese GHS compliant MSDS.
Being provided with English MSDS (either GHS or non GHS) or information of the substance, Media Services Ltd. prepares Japanese regulation compliant MSDS following latest GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and labeling of chemicals) standard.

GHS implementation in Asia;
GHS has already been implemented in Japan, Korea and China. And the implementation in Taiwan is scheduled Dec. 31 2008. Although it is in transitional phase and old version of MSDS is also acceptable, newly made MSDS is recommended to be prepared in conformity with GHS. Media Services, Ltd. arranges preparation of MSDS for these countries in its language.

GHS implementation Schedule in Asia
Japan; Already mandatory
・Mandatory from 2010 Jul. for single component
・Mandatory from 2015 Jan. 1st for multiple components
China; Mandatory from 2009 Jan. 1st
Taiwan; Mandatory from 2008 Dec. 31st